Photowalking at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show Today in Half Moon Bay, Come Join Us

Robert Scoble and I are going to shoot Photowalking Episode 10 down at the Half Moon Bay Airport today for anybody that wants to come out and do a little photowalking. At the airport there will be a massive machine show today, the 17th Annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show.

I love shooting old cars, trucks, motorcycles, and machines of any type really. And with 2,000 of them there to photograph, this outing promises to be a visual delight. I’ve shot two car shows before, the Hillsborough Concourse and one that was going on up in South Lake Tahoe last September and am definitely looking foward to shooting these ones here today.

If you can make it come on out. The show starts at 10am and tickets are $20 (for charity). I’ll be down there all day. I’m going to try and get down there at 9am early to beat the crowd. Robert says that Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief of PC Magazine’s coming out to join us.