One More Reason Why I Love Creative Commons

Going Down Droste, originally uploaded by Pisco Bandito.

Wow! Got a note today from Pisco Bandito sharing with me this mash up that he did with one of my more popular Flickr photos.

I think his version is a lot better than mine and adds to my original in new and creative ways that I never envisioned.

Creative Commons makes this kind of sharing and derivation possible and it’s one of the things that I appreciate most about the license. I believe that so much creativity in the world is built on past creativity and this is a perfect example.

6 Replies to “One More Reason Why I Love Creative Commons”

  1. Thomas, since Creative Commons is really great, could I suggest you to introduce some “We Love CC” in Zooomr?

    Michele, great idea. When we roll out our bulk licensing tool we will do a post on this.

    You can license your shots creative commons on Zooomr right now, but the bulk licensing tool will make it even easier and a good time to highlight a post like this for Zooomr.


  2. About 2 decades ago I took a similar shot to this one (minus the post editing) and was quite proud of it. Imagine my surprise when a couple years later I stumble upon my photo (actually theirs predated mine) in a Nikon brochure at a photo store Finland.

    Oh, and yes, CreativeCommons, regardless of the discussion of whether this will all slope down to GPL, has done a great job of making “All Rights Reserved” so arcane. DRM by any other name is just Content Restriction And Prevention.

  3. Not to be pedantic, but Creative Commons did not make this mashup possible – it made it legal…and that’s not a small distinction.

    That said, this is an awesome piece.

    Viva la CC!

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