GigaOm Launches FoundRead

Om Malik, GigaOm Founder's SalonOm Malik, GigaOm Founder’s Salon Hosted on Zooomr

Om Malik kicked off the latest of his internet sites last night at MR, a new San Francisco salon (yes, salon as in you get haircuts, manicures and arm massages there). Om’s new site is called FoundRead and will be a community oriented site focusing on new businesses and entrepreneurial advice.

From Om: “FoundRead is a shared resource, where anyone can contribute, either through their posts, or experiences or comments. You can choose to contribute freely or anonymously. Just like a GPS system helps us drive through a maze of freeways, the founders and entrepreneurs help their peers navigate the twisted, confusing roads of company building.”

I took some pictures of the evening as always of course. If you want to check out some of the folks who were there (or if you always just wondered what Bram Cohen of BitTorrent fame looks like getting a shave) you can check them out here.