Flickr SmartSetr Update: Now Supports Up to 20,000 Photos in a Set

Flickr Hack #2

Well good news and a great program just got better. I got an email from Eric Appel, the developer of SmartSetr, yesterday that SmartSetr now can support up to 20,000 photographs in a single set. Hot Donkey.

For those of you on Flickr who are not familiar with SmartSetr, now is the time to check it out. SmartSetr is a much more intuitive way to organize your sets on Flickr than through Flickr’s own organizer. I wrote a review of the site back in January earlier this year.

With Smartsetr you build a set based on various criteria (most of mine are based on tags). Then any time you add a photo with that tag, SmartSetr will add this photo to that set automatically for you. Much faster and much easier. SmartSetr isn’t 100% dynamic. You will need to wait up to 24 hours to see your photo added to your set potentially, but it will get added and is such a more efficient way to manage your various sets on Flickr.

If you don’t want to wait for SmartSetr to auto update your sets you can always go to the site and update them yourself manually at any time and they will all be brought up to date.

Another super cool feature of SmartSetr is that it allows you to rank your set by interestingness. Flickr doesn’t allow this as an option right now, but especially in my larger sets I want my better photos showing up first.

Here’s an example of three of my SmartSets organized by interestingness. Superfaves (my shots that have been faved 25 times or more on Flickr), Neon Days and Neon Nights, and Beautiful Plastic People.