Why is Yahoo Losing the Image Search War?

The Next Net: What’s Hot at Yahoo (And What’s Not) Over at blogs.business2.com they have an update on the year over year gain/loss for Yahoo search properties. I’m not sure I understand the methodology entirely, but one number that did stick out for me was that Yahoo! Image Search is down 3% year over year.

Which strikes me as a total shame since Yahoo! owns Flickr which absolutely could provide the best image search on the internet to Yahoo Images.

There’s no need to rehash examples of Flickr Image Search ranked by interestingness vs. Google Images, Live.com, Yahoo Images, Ask, etc. Trust me, Flickr is way, way, way, better.

It’s been about six months now since Flickr gave their users a way to opt out of broader internet search and yet nothing has been done to better integrate the amazing Flickr imagery into broader Yahoo Image Search. Yahoo could *own* image search and they either won’t or can’t integrate highly ranked Flickr imagery into Yahoo.

It’s too bad because this is an area that really could demonstrate the power of social search.

4 Replies to “Why is Yahoo Losing the Image Search War?”

  1. The problem is that Yahoo! Is! Basically! Rubbish!

    They’ve managed to prove time and again that they cannot put together well designed apps in-house for toffee, have dubious ability to understand the basics of good web design and layout, and are too focused on profit over customer needs. They’ve yet to realise you cannot have the former without targeting the latter.

    Witness the debacle that is Yahoo!360. Or their entire search interface. Or their lack of understanding of what makes Google so good while they continue to think that auto-generated micro-content sites which pull together other folks’ news, rss feeds and flickr photos is The Way Forward. Purrrr–lease!

    Flickr is the /only/ jewel in Yahoo!s crowd. I just hope they don’t tarnish it.

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