“Sets of Sets” Close to Launch on Flickr

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Interesting to note recent comments by Flickr Chief Stewart Butterfield about an upcoming feature due out likely soon at Flickr. “Sets of Sets,” or being able create sub albums in your Flickr albums has probably been the single most requested feature at Flickr over the past two years or so. About four months ago Stewart indicated in a Flickr Ideas forum that this feature was being worked on and recent comments now indicate that it’s close to launch:

From Stewart: “We’re doing the final testing and design tweaks now :)” and “You’ll be able to go five levels deep (beyond that seemed a little silly, but we’ll see how people end up using it).” .

About a week ago Flickr Staff member Gino Zhand indicated that this feature would launch “soon” adding that it would not be “months of weeks.”

I’d say look for launch on this one some time this week.

Also congrats to Flickr on raising over $5,000 for Kids with Cameras at their recent print auction.

6 Replies to ““Sets of Sets” Close to Launch on Flickr”

  1. This is great news! Just in time too as I felt my number of albums was starting to get out of control and consolidating them by creating mega-sets with hundred of pictures was not what I wanted to do…

  2. Wonder if it will be for paid accounts only?
    Since they have a limit of 3 sets for free accounts, I dount we’ll get them.

    Is Zooomr going to do anything like this?
    Heck, just improving the set/album interface would help (I still can’t figure out how to make one AND get images into it).

  3. This is a feature that I’ve wanted for quite some time. This will give us the ability to ‘categorize’ our sets. Thanks for the heads up, Thomas.

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