Photowalking Tomorrow, Meeting at Sam’s Chowderhouse in Half Moon Bay, 7:00 am

Ok, so for tomorrow’s Photowalking with Robert Scoble we will be meeting at Sam’s Chowderhouse in Half Moon Bay at 7:00 a.m. for those of you who are brave enough to get up and going that early on a Sunday. If you get in a little late and we aren’t there feel free to either give Robert or me a call on our cell phones. Robert’s cell phone number is 425-205-1921 and mine is 415-205-3611.

I’ve talked to a bunch of photographers who are looking to make the trek. Dave Sifry from Technorati is coming down and Justin from said he might make it.

Looking forward to hanging out with everyone tomorrow and getting some great beach pics.

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6 Replies to “Photowalking Tomorrow, Meeting at Sam’s Chowderhouse in Half Moon Bay, 7:00 am”

  1. google ended up sending me to your page… you have some really great pictures here, congratulations!!! a hi from brazil 🙂

  2. Got my Apple TV yesterday. I’ve been catching up on previous photowalking episodes of ScobleShow on the big screen. Inspiring, instructive, cool. It’s a great series. I’d rather be there tomorrow, but I’m up in Kirkland, WA. So, I’ll wait for the video.

  3. Is this for Photowalking 8? When’s episode 7 being released?

    Yes, this is for Photowalking 8. Eddie Codel shot Photowalking 7 in Chinatown in SF. Not sure exactly when it’s coming out but I suspect soon, I’ll ping Eddie and ask him.

  4. Got my Apple TV yesterday.

    Michael how does Photowalking look on Apple TV? Have you tried much HDTV stuff? I’d be interested in your impression of the quality of the HD stuff that you try. I wasn’t very impressed by the quality of the video when I looked at the display model at the Apple Store here in SF.

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