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Wired News: Real-Time Reality Feeds Justin.tv: Well I’ve been seeing a lot on twitter today about justin.tv, the latest experiment in 24/7 video by Justin Kan so I decided to check it out today.

Justin.tv is a combination between liveblogging and reality TV where Justin Kan broadcasts his life 24/7 via cam (and yes, this includes even when he’s going to the bathroom).

If you click through the Wired article above you can read about a little mishap that happened last Tuesday night when the SFPD burst into his apartment guns drawn after a bogus 911 call sent them there for a chest stabbing. You can see that prank at the video linked above.

Justin has a live chat forum beneath the 24/7 live video he does (he considers this a television show) and puts his cell phone number on the site encouraging fans and others to call him.

Davis Freeberg and I called him this afternoon on the show and I invited him to come down for the photowalking shoot that I’m doing with Scoble on Sunday at 7am. Justin thinks he can make it. So if you want to see a live unedited photowalking show check out Justin.tv on Sunday morning at 7am.

So far, according to a counter on Justin.tv, he’s been live now for 4 days, 14 hours and 18 minutes. I’m not sure how long he is going to do this but it’s pretty insane. I can’t imagine doing this myself. It will be interesting to see what other kind of cool things Justin comes up with to keep everyone entertained.

I have to admit it’s kind of surreal to call someone on a cell phone and then listen to yourself talking on live television a minute later (there is about a minute delay in the broadcast of the show) but then again this is something that is pretty freaking cool and geeky beyond anything I could come up with.

I’ve followed the work that Gordon Bell at Microsoft Research is doing with his mylifebits project for a while now with great interest, maybe justin.tv is only the beginning of the realization of Bell’s dream of an immense archive of visual, audio and other documentation for your life. Even if you were not broadcasting 24/7 like justin is, certainly having a video record of your life might be both interesting and helpful assuming it could easily be indexed for search.

Keep at it Justin. I love seeing things like this. I just emailed you mine and Scoble’s cell phone numbers and we hope we see you out for photowalking on Sunday morning!

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  1. I think this is a super ambitious project but like you said, how long can he keep this up? I think they should have named it something other that justin.tv so that they can swap in a new person every few weeks or so. The guy is going to burn out for sure. If I’m awake at 7 am on Saturday I’ll try to watch the photowalk. Assuming that Justin and his crew can drag their asses out of bed that early.

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