Jupitermedia Terminates Talks with Getty

[I am CEO of Zooomr, we are currently building an internet based stock photography agency]

JUPITERMEDIA TERMINATES DISCUSSIONS WITH GETTY IMAGES Jupitermedia, the world’s third largest stock photography company, announced in a press release statement today that talks with Getty, the world’s largest stock photography company, have been terminated. No details were provided and the press release noted a “long-standing company policy not to confirm or deny market rumors.”

Alan Meckler, Jupitermedia’s CEO, has been remarkedbly candid over the past few years on his blog. When speculation first arose about a possible acquisition of Jupipter by Getty Meckler cited security laws as the reason why he couldn’t talk about the potential acquisiton, “security law regulations prevent me from commenting beyond our press release of yesterday. Therefore this blog will confine itself for the time being to general Internet commentary and highlights of Jupitermedia divisional insights,” said Meckler in a February 23, 2007 blog post.

It might be interesting to speculate on why the deal did not go through but it could have been anything really. Price, lockups, control, direction, any number of these things could have gone into this deal not happening.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an interesting article on the future of the stock photography business. It’s paid subscription only so I can’t link it here but if you are a paid WSJ subscriber it’s worth checking out.

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  1. You can access that Wall Street Journal article for free with a netpass from: http:news.congoo.com

    This was on CNBC this am and thought it was a good tip.

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