John Edwards is on Twitter

Twitter / johnedwards John Edwards is on Twitter. That’s pretty damn cool. I think his campaign is super smart in understanding the power of social media. Of course smarter than getting on Twitter was tapping Robert Scoble as someone to take advice from on social media. Maybe when Edwards is elected he can set up a special office called Internet Communications Director. I think I know just the guy for that job.

One Reply to “John Edwards is on Twitter”

  1. Well, no, that’s not John Edwards. That’s a staffer (probably not even just one, but one of a dozen or so) paid to post what Edwards is “doing”.

    Edwards himself has better things to do with his time. It’s a calculated move designed to make him look like he’s more “in touch” than the other candidates. He isn’t. As in every other aspect of his campaign, he’s lying to impress you.

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