Flickr Releases Sets of Sets and New Default Photo Views

New Flickr Layout With Sets of Sets

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FlickrBlog Flickr today announced what they call “probably their most requested feature over the last few years” sets of sets. Last Tuesday I blogged that you should expect to see this feature within a week and here it is today. Sets of sets allow you to create containers on Flickr where you can hold sets inside of. The new containers contain mosiac icons to represent the images inside the sets of sets.

Also released today were new page views where you can now change your default flickr page view from a two column with sets on the side layout to new versions including collections in the sidebar instead of sets as well as larger photo views. (see photo above) More customization of Flickr layouts has also been a frequently requested feature.

To access collections you go to Flickr’s organizer tool and begin building them.

So how might sets of sets be useful? Well lets say you took a European vacation and wanted to create an album for each country. You could do this with sets of sets. I work on a video show with Robert Scoble called Photowalking. I created a collection of sets of images of our various shoots so far. I can think of lots of other ways that collections might be useful.


It is great to see flickr innovating. A while back Flickr received some pretty heated criticism for their upcoming deadline on Thursday requiring all Flickr users to convert their “old skool” Flickr email log on to a new Yahoo ID. Some users complained that Flickr was taking away something cool without giving anything in return. It seems timely that Flickr would launch this new feature two days before the above mentioned deadline takes effect.

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  1. Yeah, I saw this today. I like the ability to customize the appearance of your main page (in the photostream). Pretty cool.

  2. Is there anyone else who was disappointed that you can’t show a mixture of collections and sets on your main page? Seems like a really obvious requirement…

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