Congrats to Digg on Hitting One Million Registerd Users

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Digg the Blog – 1 Miiiiiillion Users

From Kevin Rose:

“Its now been more than two years since the first story was submitted and dugg on Digg. Since then you guys have helped Digg move from a personal project amongst a group of friends to a huge online community. Now, your contributions in submitting, digging, and commenting on content have propelled Digg to a point I never dreamed of as of today Digg has one million registered users.”

Congrats Kevin to you and your team on your success. As popular as digg is I’ve always been impressed with the fact you’ve always recognized both your team and the community. I remember when I wrote an article on digg back when you were presenting at Yahoo earlier on in digg’s history. After I wrote the article you IM’d me at about 2 am in the morning to say thanks for writing it but also to correct me that you were not the founder of digg but the co-founder and to make sure and mention that Owen Byrne (pictured with you above) was a co-founder as well.

I hope you don’t mind my sharing that, as it was just between you and I, but I think that your willingness to share the credit with both your team and your community is a big part of digg’s success.

Congrats again, looking forward to your party in April — digg on indeed.

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