20 Random Songs from my iTunes 5 Star List

Haven’t put up a random list of what I’m listening to lately so here goes. The following songs were played randomly from my 5 Star play list in iTunes.

1. Joey Ramone: What a Wonderful World, Don’t Worry About Me
2. Stroke 9: Washin and Wonderin, Nasty Little Thoughts
3. dj BC and the Beastles: Mother Nature’s Rump, The Beastles
4. Rebellion (Lies): Arcade Fire, Funeral
5. The Postal Service: Against All Odds, unreleased track
6. Keane: Nothing in My Way, Under the Iron Sea
7. Grandaddy: Gentle Spike Resort, Broken Down Comforter Collection
8. The Postal Service: Nothing Better, Give Up
9. Josh Ritter: Roll On, The Golden Age of Radio
10. Death Cab for Cutie: Your Heart is an Empty Room, Plans
11. Bob Schnieder: Batman (bootleg), Live from Austin City Limits
12. Evan Dando: Stove (live), Live at the Brattle Theatre/Griffith Sunset, disc one
13. Boxcar Racer: And I, Boxcar Racer
14. Belle and Sebastian: Century of Fakers, The Black Sessions
15. Drive by Truckers: Act 2, Women Without Whiskey, Southern Rock Opera, disc 2
16. Cat Power: Fool, You Are Free
17. Katie Melua: Just Like Heaven, Piece by Piece
18. Electric President: Snow on Dead Neighborhoods, Electric President
19. Ryan Adams: English Girls Approximately, Love is Hell, Part 2
20. Joseph Arthur: In the Sun (live bootleg), Benefit for John Kerry, Live at the Living Room, 7-20-04