Robert Scoble Reflects on Twitter

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Request for Twitter: add all followers ? Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger Robert Scoble has a post out on Twitter. He wants to be able to make all 469 of his followers at Twitter friends at once.

Robert’s actually the guy that got me to try Twitter. I kept reading about it at his blog and I’m glad I finally did.

But rather than allow you to mark *everyone* as a friend at once I’d rather see Twitter allow you to allow everyone a contact at once. Friends should be reserved for people who really are friends. This way you could have two Twitter views to choose from. All my friends or all my contacts.

The problem with adding everyone as friends is that your real friend’s twitters would get lost in the noise sometimes. You’d miss things that you’d want to see.

You’ll probably be more interested in the twitters from your friends. But by allowing a separate category of contacts, you could add any follower reciprocally and then periodically check out your contacts view. Many of these contacts would eventually graduate up to friends after you got to know them better. And you could make a default setting to add everyone who chooses to follow you a contact.

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  1. Twitter is fun. I’ve been playing with it for quite sometime. I like its seamless integration with my IM and Adium does a good job of keeping all my IMs in one place.

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