Photowalking Seven Was a Blast

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Update: More shots from Scott Smith here.

Well Kristopher Tate and I had a great time hanging out with a dozen or so photographers yesterday as we traveled the streets and alleys of Chinatown and North Beach shooting, as 15 year old Matt Roe would say, some “sick” shots.

Team SmugMug showed up with their red SmugMug hats and Eddie Codel (how cool is it by the way that Eddie has the domain name!) shot the whole thing on video for an upcoming episode of Photowalking on Podtech. Scoble’s up in Seattle so unfortunately he couldn’t join us for his one.

To check out a bunch of the great images here’s a link to SmugMug’s gallery on the event. Here’s also a link to the images that Kristopher and I shot. Matt Roe has his shots up here. Andrew Moore has his shots up here. Jeremy Brook’s shots are up here. Andrew Lighten’s shots are here. Also here’s a link to the event page itself on Involver. If you need an invite to Involver just shoot me an email and I’ll invite you. Also let me know in the comments section of this post if you’ve got a set of images from our photowalk up somewhere as well and I’ll update this post to include them.

It was really great meeting all the folks who came out. I especially enjoyed meeting Matt and Andrew who were 15 and 16 and skipped school (with parental approval) to come out photowalking with us. I got my first SLR at age 15 and still remember how cool it was to discover the joy of photography at that age.

We started out in Chinatown and then headed over to North Beach and then climbed some hotels to get some great overhead views of the City. It really was about the best way possible to spend an afternoon. If I could be doing anything in the world all day long it’s taking photos and it’s especially great when hanging out with other like minded photowalkers.

Our next Photowalk will be with Scoble again and down at Mavericks to shoot some surfers. I’m going to rent some big glass. Dave Alpert sent me a surf chart for Mavericks (we’re going to have to play this one by ear depending on how the surf goes) but it looks like we’ll likely be down there on either March 18, 19, or 20 depending on what day the surf wants to cooperate.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for photowalking and we’ll see you at the next one.

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  1. Hey, Thomas. Thanks for yesterday. It was great to have a guided tour through chinatown on my first ever trip to San Francisco. I’ll come back with a DSLR and more time up my sleeve. 🙂

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