Nick Douglas’ New Video Blog “Look Shiny” Launches

Nick DouglasNick Douglas Hosted on Zooomr

[Disclosure, I am CEO of Zooomr and we are sponsoring Nick Douglas’ new show Look Shiny this week]

Look Shiny Well, it’s finally here. Valleywag writer Nick Douglas’ shiny new show, Look Shiny. Go check it out for yourself. This is one videoblog that I’ll definitely be subscribing to. Congrats Nick and look forward to more regular episodes of your creativity and unique style.

Nick’s first episode contains plenty of zaniness including some talking points from San Francisco’s favorite eccentric, Frank Chu, and a show within a show (can you really do that with a 3 minute show?) called 5 second recipes.

If you like Nick’s new video feel free to digg it here.

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One Comment

  1. TasteTV says:

    It’s off to a good start, since its got an intriguing name for the show