More Photowalking, Episode 5, The Sacramento Train Museum


Robert Scoble and I were joined by about 25 other people for the latest episode of ScobleShow’s Photowalking.

Robert has Part 1 up over at Podtech right now.

For those of you who have never been, the Sacramento Train Museum is an amazing place to take pictures. My only disappointment at the shoot was that we didn’t have even longer to stay there and take even more photos.

The place is full of real trains and model trains and all kinds of history about the railroad industry.

You can check out the set of images that I took during this Photowalk here. Also be sure to check out the Photowalking5 tag on Flickr and Zooomr to see more great shots from all the people who came out for the shoot.

For the photowalking episode Robert gives us tons of historical information about trains. He’s like a walking wikipedia. Robert also has a great interview in this episode with an old timer docent who talks about the trains. I would not have made a very good train engineer because the maximum speed the trains were allowed to run in the old days was 40 miles per hour and generally I like to drive about double that.

Talk about a geekfest, one of the more interesting photographers who joined us for our photowalk this episode was Phil Glatz. Phil brought with him his homemade 3D camera. It’s two point and shoot Kodaks that he bought on eBay strapped together. He takes his shots and then merges them together to make really cool 3D imagery. You can check out his gallery of 3D images here (note: you need to be wearing 3D glasses when you check them out). Here’s a photo of Phil and his 3D gear.

Another great photographer who joined us was aqui-ali. aqui-ali is my favorite photographer on Flickr. I’m not sure I should be really calling anyone on Flickr my favorite, but aqui’s an old friend and I’ve been saying that for about two years now so I don’t see any point in stopping. Especially since he continues to almost daily crank out some of the best photography you’ll see anywhere. aqui and have done a lot of photowalking together in the past. Seriously, check out his stuff on Flickr, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s also great to see the concept of photowalking spreading. Over the past month I’ve had lots of people email me and talk about photowalks that they are doing as well. Jan Tielen wrote me yesterday about a photowalk that he’s organizing in Brussels Belgium. Last week Trevor Carpenter hosted a photowalk down in Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Mission. Trevor didn’t have the turn out that we did in Sacramento but that’s the thing with photowalking, it doesn’t really matter. In Trevor’s case he had a great day shooting the Santa Barbara Mission and by setting it up as a photowalk it gave him a disciplined way to get out and shoot. TranceMist actually set up a Wikipedia entry for photowalking which is very cool.

The thing is, whether it’s organized or not, whether it’s just you alone or you with a good friend or two, or you with a whole crowd, getting out with your camera is a fantastic thing to do. I pretty much photowalk every day. It’s great exercise and you get to see new and interesting things all the time. And best of all you can capture the things that you see digitally and share them with the rest of the world.

Anyways, thanks for everyone who came out to Sacramento. We got some great shots, had a great time and Robert and I both are looking forward to the next one.

I’ll post on Part II or our Sacramento photowalk when Scoble gets that one up.

Oh and one totally unrelated note about Sacramento. If you ever make it that way you must stop and check out Willie’s. Willie’s makes the best chili burgers in Northern California (now you see why I need all that photowalking exercise). Willie’s burgers are clones of my favorite burger of all, Tommy’s, down in Southern California.

Update: More from Scoble here.

Update #2: Jerry Gennaria just emailed me about a St. Louis Photowalking group that he’s setting up. Very cool Jerry. Here’s a link to the group if you’re in St. Louis.