Michael Gartenberg Joins Microsoft as an “Enthusiastic Evangelist”

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From Analyst to Evangelist… Let’s get it started! ? GartenBlog Wow! Well, when my good friend Robert Scoble left Microsoft to go work for Podtech I wondered who they would tap to fill his shoes. Robert had done an amazing job while at Microsoft. Not only was he their top blogger, he really, really, really got it. And this meant that he understood the significance of social media more than anything else.

But since leaving Microsoft I’ve yet to see anyone there really fill Scoble’s shoes. There’s plenty of bloggers at Microsoft sure, but none of them that quite get the significance of social media.

Which makes today’s announcement that Jupiter Analyst Michael Gartenberg is joining Microsoft an interesting one. Michael is one of the top analysts covering the tech industry, but he’s also very savvy and definitely understands social media. In addition to being an analyst he’s also been an engaged blogger. And while he’s networked with the CEOs and industry types he’s also spent a lot of time with bloggers and other social media types too.

The photo above is one I took of Michael when he visited Podtech’s Bloghaus in Las Vegas at CES. Podtech’s Bloghaus was one of the most innovative things that I’ve seen done with social media yet. And the people that understand social media made sure to make an appearance there.

I think Gartenberg’s going to Microsoft is a very positive thing for them. I think he’ll give them good and valuable advice but I think he’ll also be able to help them bridge a connection between Microsoft and social influencers in the same way that Robert Scoble did.

Congrats on your new job Michael and looking forward to see how the gig works out for you. Microsoft has a ton of potential and I know that you’ll be able to channel much of this in the right direction.

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