Ladies, Meet Om Malik

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Geeks We Love: Om Malik of GigaOM | geeksugar “Bachelor number one, if you were hardware and I were software, what you be and what would I be and why?”

Well I was tickled to see another interesting side of my friend Om Malik, the Om Malik as eligible geek bachelor as showcased by geeksugar.

I think my favorite interview question was this one:

“GS: What you are looking for in a significant other?
Om: Intelligence, kindness and humor. Someone who I can look at from the corner of my eye and be pleased as punch that I am her guy! Virginia Madsen, except for real!”

Nice answer Om! On a more serious note, if you want to check out a small but growing collection of photos I’ve got of Om and the ladies, you can check out GigaStud here.

It’s also fun that they used a couple of my images for the article on Om. Now if only People Magazine will end up using one of mine when they put him on the cover.

One Reply to “Ladies, Meet Om Malik”

  1. Not to bash anyone’s friend but you *were* joking about People right? I used to follow his blog but I couldn’t stand yet another sensationalistic pompous blog post about issues that he really seemed to have only a tenious grasp on at best.

    Ever watch a movie where the lead is supposed to be an expert at something that you happen to know a bit about? You know how you cringe everytime they completely put their foot in it, like for example seeing someone on a Mac say they need to go into DOS or watching as they apply a “sharpen filter” on an image and magically read the license plate number off the reflection of the guy in the background’s sunglasses? That’s how I kept feeling as I read his blog.

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but from the outside looking in he annoying hte living hell out of me.

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