Involver is Pretty Damn Slick

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involver — Photowalking in San Francisco Well I just got an invitation a few hours ago from Matt Oesterle (they launched late last night) to join and I’ve spent the past few hours clicking around the site and I have to say it’s pretty cool.

It’s like but with a much better interface. Not that has a bad interface or anything, it’s just that involver feels really slick.

It has a lot of the basics. Like you have a profile. There is a calendar and you can create events. But then it has other cool social networking features, like things that update you as your friends do things on the site. Facebook type things like when a friend of yours adds another friend, etc.

I found out that Josh Ritter, who I like a lot, is going to be playing at the Sweedish American Hall (a venue I like a lot) for something called Noise Pop Festival on Feb. 28th. It looks like Sebadoh is playing there too. Nice. I shot Josh Ritter a while back when he played at the Great American Music Hall.

Anyways, check out Involver. If you want to add me as a friend my profile is here.

I also added our Photowalk for Wednesday with Don MacAskill and the out of town Smugmuggers (damn, that sounds like a band name) on the site. We are going to meet at 2pm at the corner of Grant and Bush at the entrance to Chinatown if you can make it. If you can’t make it at 2pm plan on coming out anyways. Just shoot me an email and we can hook up a little later. I plan on shooting later that night in the city as well.

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  1. Josh Ritter: Just saw him in concert (for the second time) over the weekend. LOVE HIM! Question for you: Do you know what cd the song “Since You’ve Gone” is from? I have Hello Starling so I know it’s not on there. If you have the time can you let me know at:


  2. thanks for the heads up about this site. it is very slick and upcoming could definitely learn a thing or two from the interface.

    the number one reason i would switch today is the ability to add to calendar/add to watchlist/etc. directly from the search results. i hate that you have to go to the individual event page in order to do anything.

    thanks again — and added you as a friend. not many people online yet!

  3. sorry for the double comments, but i also wanted to say that you have great taste in music — at least according to me. 🙂

    i love reading what you’re listening to on twitter and think you should work it into your blog somehow!

  4. thanks for the post, tom

    hlh: i have some good news for you – when you do a search, watch for the little icons that appear below each result in blue bars – adding to calendar or watchlist are two of them, and you can mouse over the icons to find out what they do if it isn’t clear.

    thanks for everyone’s interest – we appreciate it


  5. I’d consider getting involved with Involver if I could check it out first. How about take me for a spin, try me out and if you like me get involved! That would be really slick. Now it’s a little slippery.

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