Why I Love Creative Commons

JJjunki left me a comment on one of my photos today that reminded me why I love the Creative Commons license so much. Jjunki’s is a hobby programmer and his comment had to do with a new “crop” and “smooth edge” filter that he is building. With his new application he took one of my photos and used it to remix and create an even better mashup version of my same photo. The result of his work is the photo on the left. You can see my original here.

By licensing my photos Creative Commons non-commerical, I can protect my monetary licenses to my images but I can give people like JJjunki carte blanche to do super interesting things like this without even having to ask my permission. I LOVE that. I love that people can find my photos and find new and interesting ways to bring them to life.

It doesn’t just stop with photography though. I’ve had a number of people paint my photos as well which is another huge honor. Below are images of mine that were subsequently painted by Kathy Johnson and torbakhopper on Flickr.

Sometimes or Sometimes Not

Sixth Avenue

I love collaboration. It is one of the most exciting things in art for me. Whether music or video mashups, or doing new and interesting things with photos, I find some of the best art is art that is consistently reinvesnted.

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  1. While I agree with some of the ideas behind Creative Commons, I just don’t understand why I would need
    Creative Commons in the first place, rather than state my own terms that I can craft to reflect more precisely the rights that I want to grant, and the conditions under which they are granted.

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