Rumors on the New Canon 40D

Canon EOS 40D Digital Photography Blog is posting on a rumored new Canon Digital SLR, the 40D. They site a screen shot of Canon’s Hong Kong site with a EOS 40D headline and no detail on the page.

Is this just a typo or is Canon getting ready to announce the 40D? And what will it look like if one is on the way? The Digital Photography Blog speculates that anti dust technology could be coming from Canon. This would be a welcome relief. Dust on your sensor is one of the most common complaints of Canon DSLR owners. I have to clean the sensor on my 5D about once a week. Of course I shoot every day and do frequent lens changes.

5 Replies to “Rumors on the New Canon 40D”

  1. Canon desperately needs to replace the 30D with something that better fits between the 400D and the 5D. Anti-dust and 10mp would be great for a start!

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