Kristopher Tate and Thomas Hawk on LunchMeet

Obligatory SuperMacro of a FlowerObligatory SuperMacro of a Flower Hosted on Zooomr

Kristopher Tate and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Eddie Codel and Irina Slutsky from LunchMeet yesterday to talk about what we are up to with Zooomr. In addition to giving a demo of Zooomr and talking about why Zooomr was started, we talk about a lot of the upcoming features in our next major release Mark III. Kristopher and I are super excited about where things are headed with Mark III and can’t wait to share the new version of Zooomr with you all some time coming up shortly here.

It was also great today to read on Yuvi’s blog that he will be hosting his shots that he is taking in India on Zooomr. For those of you who don’t know Yuvi, he is this amazing 15 year old kid in India who has been doing some of the best blog analysis out today. Most recently he has completely analyzed Robert Scoble’s blog and provided more detail than any stat package on the market today.

Yuvi was recently able to purchase a digital camera after the community rallied around him and all helped contribute and the photos of India that he is sharing with us and the rest of the world are stunning. That’s his shot of the flower at the top of this post. Yuvi outlines some of the reasons why he’s chosen to host his photos on Zooomr at his blog here. Check out some of Yuvi’s other shots as well, by the way, he has some superb photographs and it’s really great seeing India through his eyes.