3 Replies to “I Won’t Tell a Soul”

  1. I notice that many of your shots have a yellow tint to them. I assume that’s on purpose, that you like that look, etc?

  2. BTW, I also notice that many of your shots say you’re using a 24mm lens at “F 1.0”. Is that even possible? What lens are you using?

    I love your picture btw 🙂

  3. Hey Paul, the yellow tint is actually more the actual way the 5D captures the lighting. Usually I don’t adjust temperature very much. Typically I’ll work with a photo in RAW until I like it, but I guess I do like the yellow tint sometimes. If I didn’t I could bring the temperture down and get less yellow.

    the 24mm 1.0 is a bug in Zooomr that we are fixing. It’s actually the 24 f/1.4.



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