How to Survive CES: 10 Practical Tips by Jeremy Toeman

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How to Survive CES: 10 Practical Tips ? LIVEdigitally by Jeremy Toeman Jeremy Toeman has a great list of 10 Practical Tips for those of you going to CES. Last year was my first year at CES and I’m excited about going this year. Kristopher and I have an early Southwest Flight into Vegas Monday morning.

I’ll add an 11th tip to Jeremy’s list (I picked this one up from Robert Scoble last year and it’s one of the best). When you arrive at the airport in Las Vegas have a vallet help you with your luggage even if you don’t need help. They will take you right to the front of the taxi line and put you in a cab without having to wait in the long line.

I’ll probably check in at Bloghaus when I arrive and think it’s great that PodTech is putting this great resting spot available for bloggers. Somehow I think the wi-fi there might be a bit better than the press room at CES (the press room’s wi-fi rarely worked last year). EVDO may be tough as well, but I’m going to try to get as many photos up as quickly as I can. My goal is to have 1,000 photos posted before leaving Vegas and coming home — we’ll see how I do.

More people headed to CES: Dave Winer, Dave’s lasagna wiki is here. Michael Gartenberg here.

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  1. Here is a variation of the taxi tip that I like better.

    Instead of going out the door for the taxis, to the side of baggage claim there is a seperate door for hired cars (town car/limos). (turn left through baggage instead of going straight past the rental cars and out to the taxi).

    Those cars are for hire, its a flat rate for 30 minutes. No wait, its a little more money but on those crowded days on the strip it can break even. If your traveling with someone that has never been in vegas, its a great way to get a hired car look up and down the strip before heading to your hotel for no extra money. I believe it was $35 the last time I was in vegas. May be more now with gas prices higher.

  2. Forgot to mention 1 thing about the hired car. You get more attention at the hotel when you step out of it. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly have a room upgrade or just a vip style welcome.

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