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Hanging Out at BloghausHanging Out at Bloghaus Hosted on Zooomr

Kristopher and I are here and landed at CES. Our first visit? Straight to the Bloghaus. Thanks to the generosity of Podtech and their Seagate sponsor, we’ve got everything we need here to work. Electricity for my thirsty Mac and 5D batteries, fast wi-fi, coffee, beer, and some of the coolest people in the blogosphere.

My goal at CES this year is to upload 1,000 photos of CES before going home. I’m going to try and create sets for those interested.

We’ll start with the one that everyone is the most interested in The Babes of CES. Yes, we already have Valerie Cunningham fresh from the Shower. Watch as this set grows big time over the course of the next four days. Thanks Davis Freeberg by the way for probably the only idea that could possibly get me dugg.

I’ll also have a hardware set, a Bloghaus set, and lots more that I create. Anyways, watch this blog and Zooomr to get some of the best images of CES over the course of the next few days.

Kristopher also has a great set up of our trip from Oakland to Las Vegas via Southwest Airlines.

By the way if anyone wants to blog any of my photos at CES feel free. Simply cut and paste the html code by selecting the magnifying glass icon above any photo.

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  1. Great pictures as always. Wish I were shooting it too.

    On a separate note, as I was looking at the sets on Zooomr, I experienced two things that were kind of frustrating. First when I clicked the lightbox icon in each picture it would load the previous picture. If I clicked it a second time it loaded the correct picture. I’m using Firefox 1.5 on an Intel Mac, so maybe there’s some weirdness there. The second thing was the navigation. I was hoping for either a slideshow feature or a simple way to view each photo and then navigate to the next photo in the set. It appears that when I click on one of the photos, the thumbnails across the top are your entire photo stream. What am I missing?

    Anyway, thanks for the photos, it’s great to see CES through your lens.

  2. Thomas, what am I missing? If I click over to a Zoomr set, there must be a way to set an auto slide show or at least scroll through photos in a set without having to jump back forth between the set and individual pics, right?

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