4 Replies to “Bus Stop”

  1. Oh Thomas, your shoots are always so wonderful. Why don’t you upload them just a little bit larger resolution? I would like to make them my wallpaper but I have a large screen…
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Thanks Michele. If you click through the image it will take you to the photo on it’s Zooomr page. Above the photo is a little icon of a magnifying glass where you can click on it. Chose original size and right click to copy the full high res super large photo. Feel free to use any that you’d like.

  3. Yes I know (I’m also a zooomr user and lover and I did the Italian translation of it).
    Do you mean even the original size is less than 1600×1200?

  4. hmmm ok, yeah I see what you mean. Yeah, I resize photos down to 1250… Maybe I should leave them full size. I’ll have to think about that one.

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