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Comeacross.info. One of our photographers over at Zooomr, Raoul Pop has written a very nice review on Zooomr. He wrote it on his blog and it was also picked up by Google news over at Blog Critics.

“Enough about me though. The most important thing is that there are great photographs on Zooomr. I’m amazed by the quality of the photos produced by Zooomr users, and I find more and more of them every day. Through Zooomr, I can contact the photographers and interact with them. I get inspired and my own photography gets better in the process. In short, I became part of an online community that supports my photographic efforts.

Let’s review: Zooomr not only fulfills my photo sharing needs, but surpasses them by allowing me to improve my skills by being part of a wonderful online community, and on top of that, will soon give me the opportunity to sell some of my photographic work. Talk about a site that keeps on giving!”

Wow, Raoul.

It indeed has been great getting to know you on Zooomr and your support since the beginning has meant a whole heck of a lot. Thanks for sticking by us with our growing pains, making so many terrific suggestions on ways we can improve the site, and for helping to spread the word about the site.

Zooomr is going to be very different in Mark III. We think it will be much better and have a significantly stronger community presence. It’s people like you though that make that community possible!

Thanks Pal.

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  1. Hi Tom, you’re quite welcome, and I’m glad you liked my Christmas present to you and Kris. I wrote it on Christmas morning, hoping it would reach a wide audience and bring more people to Zooomr! 🙂

  2. Thomas,

    Thanks to your photowalking with Scoble, I got inspired…my wife got me a Nikon D80. I know your a Canon guy, but this was a big deal for me. Since 1999 I’ve been a point-and-shoot digital photography guy. Anyway, lots to learn.

    Zooomr…I like the it…but so far I’ve found it too slow. Once it gets snappier, believe me, I’ll be there.

    In the meantime, here’s what I’ve got…My first attempts at good photos taken from Hoboken, NJ looking at NYC.


  3. Kudos to Zoomr and ditto to Raoul.
    Zoomr is great and like everything else, it has kinks in the beginnings. Its better than anything else around. I enjoy the Zoomr community and I too learn from so many talented photographers there. Raoul & Thomas thanks for sharing.

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