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Digg the Blog � Blog Archive � New Digg Features O’ Plenty Digg launched a new layout today and also announced a lot of great new features. The new layout has a cool widescreen feature that allows the size of your screen to adjust based on your monitor size. Overall I think the new layout looks really nice.

Digg's New LayoutDigg’s New Layout Hosted on Zooomr

Digg is now allowing you to digg your favorite podcasts and they’ve highlighed video more prominently on the site as well. With supported providers (YouTube seems to be one) you can watch the video right on digg and vote there without ever having to leave the site.

Kevin rose has a video demo at the link above where you can see some of these new features in action.

One thing that I like alot about the new direction of digg is that in some ways it seems that digg is moving beyond that which is news and more into just the ranking of content in general. The digg engine is a great one and I’ve long believed that their model could be adapted to gauge popularity of just about anything. Certainly video and podcasts are two. Photos (close to my heart of course) would also be very cool to see on digg.

Nice work Kevin to you and the team.

Digg on, indeed.

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  1. Ryan j Budke says:

    Looks very much like Netscape’s layout. 😉

  2. Was there a problem with the old layout? Maybe consistency is the hobgoblin on small minds, but I rather like it when a site keeps the same overall look. Did they think people were bored with the old look and would stop coming to the site?

  3. Jim Davis says:

    For some reason using the new layout on Linux with Firefox 2, all of the cpu cycles get eaten up as a result i no longer bother using digg.