MagStay, A Pretty Nifty Little Add on For Your Mac

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So my good Pal Nick Starr sent me this thing in the mail when he heard that I switched from a PC to a Mac the other day. It’s called a MagStay and it’s like superglue for the little magnet connector that connects your power supply to your Mac.

One of the things that I really love about my new Mac is how the power supply just kind of plugs itself in with a magnet based connection. You just kind of get your power adapter near the little slot and *blip* it connects on its on.

But sometimes I notice that if I’m on the couch or something that the power supply can fall out occasionally and this little MagStay add on plugs in and makes the connection stronger. It’s a pretty small little piece of plastic but very functional.

Thanks much Nick!

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  1. Nick Starr says:

    No problem Thomas. I can’t sit on the couch and use my MBP without the cord falling out.

  2. Dave Zatz says:

    Hm… My Dell Windows laptop doesn’t require “superglue” to keep it charged. Damn that inferior Apple engineering. 😉

  3. Brandon Wood says:

    This is a neat idea, but kind of seems to defeat the purpose of having the magnetic power plug. It is supposed to pop out fairly easily, to keep your laptop from flying to the floor if someone accidentally trips over the power cord.

    My sister-in-law did this last week with her Dell laptop, and completely killed her screen when it hit the floor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW! I sure would love to see how your sister-in-law can trip on something while seated at the same time? Ha!

    We agree too that it defeats the purpose, but sometimes that is a good thing (and sometimes not so good). We don’t recommend it when it is on the the counter top or coffee table, thats why it simply slips out and stays on the power cord for later use.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @The other anonymous
    Amazingly enough, one can own a laptop and walk around the laptop at the same time.

  6. 4PIZON says:

    Cool little device! But I just wanted to say that I to went over to the Mac side myself. Should have done it years ago. I love my MacBook so much, that two days after owning I went out and bought a MacPro desk top with the 30″ cinema display. Awesome! By the way, it was the my pc crashing for the third time that sent me running to the Apple store.