Google Copies Yahoo, My Answer? Lots of Patents, Lots of Lawsuits

[I am the Chief Evangelist and CEO of Zooomr]

Jeremy Zawodny is out with a post criticizing Google over copying Yahoo. Matt Cutts over at Google responds with an apology and then proceeds to point out examples and note that Yahoo has been copying and ripping off Google for years.

I’ve been thinking about this during one of my all night one man strategy sessions and I think I’ve figured out what Yahoo should do.

Why not just patent *all* html design? I mean, really, those idiots over at the patent office wouldn’t know the difference between html code and html cottage cheese and then the next time this happens.

Whamo! Just sue! Hah!

Yahoo’s got a few extra lawyers laying around there, why not? They might be able to slip it by if people aren’t paying attention. Yeah, sure there is prior art, but I mean they kind of invented html and all. And well if they can patent *all* social based search and rank why not all html? It just makes sense. It doesn’t just make “cents” (get it?), it makes tons and tons of *dollars* and cents. Ha, Ha, Ha.

Think about it guys it just might work.

Note to Jeremy Zawodny: That was kind of a cheap shot, with you being the Chief Evangelist for Yahoo, a Google competitor–one whose name makes me think “copy cat.”

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  1. Copy cat? This is coming from a guy who’s company copied virtually everything flickr does and calls itself zooomr.

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