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So about a month ago Kristopher showed me this fantastic time lapse photography video. He got it somewhere but we didn’t know where online exactly. The music has no lyrics and so it was hard to try to search for it. But then we were driving back to my place after Tech Connection 4 and listening to Live 105 on the radio and this song comes on. It was kind of mystical almost, because in some ways the video and music above have been an inspiration for Zooomr — and having it come on at 1 am in the morning on a ride home when we were both in the car was surreal. We’ve both joked that what we need at the end of this video is just a big Zooomr logo that fades in and fades out. And after the song ended the DJ came on and said that it was Autumn Leaf and then a quick search on YouTube turned it up.

Anyways, check out the video. It’s great to see people doing such creative things with audio and photography. Hope you like it.

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  1. Actually they are called Album Leaf. They’re from San Diego and they really are incredible. They’ve been through San Francisco a couple of times the last few months. A very cool part of their live show is they have a video running behind the stage, timed perfectly to the music. Here’s a video that I took at one of the shows.

  2. Mike d is correct they are called The Album Leaf. That song is “The Outer Banks” off the album “In a Safe Place”

  3. original source:

    I got this info from somewhere on the web, I don’t remember where:
    Wow, my friend Ross who is a film major at San Diego State is the one who made this video, and another friend of mine submitted it to digg. But he spent a few weekends out of a month working on it. It was all shot in the San Diego area.

    For all of you who are wondering, he used a Canon Rebel XT with a timer remote (TC-80N3). And then using quicktime pro and automator, he was able to take each frame, resize it to 1920×1080 using automator, create an image sequence out of the 250+ photos, and take it into Final Cut Pro for editing. Some really cool work…the site he just used as a file server…the site itself hasn’t been updated for over 2 years since he was in high school.

    Oh yeah, and the music is by “The Album Leaf” and the song is “The Outer Banks”

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