The Art of Pier 27

Getting Ready for the Year of the PigGetting Ready for the Year of the Pig Hosted on Zooomr

A while back my friend aqui-ali took me out to Pier 27 in San Francisco. Pier 27 is where they keep all of the floats and parade materials for San Francisco’s Chinese New Year’s Parade. I’ve been back several times since and yesterday afternoon spent a good chunk of time with Yu Mei, an extremely friendly artist down there (pictured above) who is working on decorations and costumes for the upcoming Chinese New Year’s Parade.

The upcoming Chinese New Year will be the Year of the Pig and Yu Mei showed me the costume that she’s made for the parade and gave me a demonstration of her dancing in it. She loved being photographed and I’m having some prints made to take out to her in the next few days.

For a look at some of the parade art behind the scenes you can check out this set here.