Why is Netflix Granting Interviews to a Penny Stock Promoter?

Davis Freeberg’s Digital Connection – Why Is Netflix Supporting A Penny Stock Touter? Davis Freeberg has an article out about a recent Netflix interview that Netflix Director of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey did with WallSt.net. WallSt.net would appear to be one of those companies that you pay to pump up your stock. They issue press releases saying how great these companies are, but unfortunately Davis points out that some of these companies have not done so well for the suckers who bought into them. Davis questions why Netflix is involved with WallSt.net.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of getting crap in my email box from companies pushing penny stocks. It seems like I get more spam about this than anything these days. I’m not saying WallSt.net are spammers, but if they are taking money to promote penny stocks, Netflix would probably do better trying to get press and exposure through other channels.

Robert Scoble and I had breakfast earlier this morning after shooting another episode of Photowalking with Heather Champ from Flickr and over breakfast we were talking about cool new places to shoot in the Bay Area and I mentioned that I’d never been to Alcatraz and that maybe we should shoot there. I then told him the story about how Netflix rented out Alcatraz for a night and showed the movie “Escape from Alcatraz” on it.

Back when they did this Davis had requested a press pass to cover the Alcatraz event but never heard back from Netflix. Maybe instead of screwing around with shady stock promoters Netflix should look to better embrace the blogosphere to promote cool events like the Alcatraz one. How come there weren’t any bloggers covering that?

Mike K of course covers the most famous Netflix blog, Hacking Netflix, and Netflix actually did have Mike in for a visit a while back. But could Netflix be doing a better job at embracing bloggers? Their product is viral and does very well in the blogosphere. Maybe Swasey should try to focus on giving more interviews to bloggers and less to WallSt.net.