Thanks Bill!

All Dressed Up for the Vloggies, Bill Streeter, 2006 VloggiesAll Dressed Up for the Vloggies, Bill Streeter, 2006 Vloggies Hosted on Zooomr

Bill Streeter was nice enough to go through my recent set of photos from the Vloggies and add comments identifying a bunch of people in the photos. Bill won a Vloggie by the way and has a pretty cool video show. Thanks Bill, I really appreciate that.

I shoot a lot of events and wish I was better with names but don’t always get them all down. Here are some recent events that I’ve shot. If you know the names of some of the unidentified people in the photos identifitying comments are always welcome. Thanks. Oh, and if you are personally in any of the photos that I’ve taken and on Zooomr let me know as well so that I can people tag you.


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2006 Vloggies
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