TechCrunch Covers our Monthly Bandwidth Increase at Zooomr

Techcrunch Zooomr Doubles Flickrs Monthly Photo Upload Limits

[Disclaimer: I am the Evangelist and CEO of Zooomr]

Marshall Kirkpatrick, who I just met recently in person at the Getty deal up in Seattle, covers Zooomr’s monthly increase in bandwidth limits over at TechCrunch.

Beginning this month we have increased the bandwidth available for free accounts to 100MB and Pro accounts to 4GB. We believe these higher limits will make it easier for people to post full high res uploads of their photos on Zooomr without running out of space each month. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t restrict photo upload sizes to 5MB and 10MB — allowing you instead to upload photos up to 50MB, which should accomodate most every consumer grade digital SLR out there today, even at high resolution settings.

Megapixels are getting larger and larger and we want to make sure that we have the structure to support both full size non degraded versions of your photos as well as the monthly bandwidth to accomodate these larger size files.

Thanks to TechCrunch for covering our news and if you haven’t tried Zooomr out yet, give it a try. We are offering free Pro accounts if you are a blogger.

8 Replies to “TechCrunch Covers our Monthly Bandwidth Increase at Zooomr”

  1. Increasing monthly storage limits is a great thing. My major issue with zooomr is bandwidth i.e. speed in general. It seems much slower than the competitors. Are there any plans in the works to beef up that side of the offering?

  2. Hey, I’m warming up to the idea of Zooomr, but 2 things really hinder me. Perhaps you could kindly address these items:

    1.) I have 2500+ pics at FLickr, when is this API issue going to be worked out? I’ve had to read half the internet to get the story… any updates or timelines? I suppose if a decent app existed that could download all m flickr shots WITH metadata embedded, I could re-upload without issue, but nobody seems to code for such obvious needs.

    2.) I can’t find any real centralized help/group/forum for Zooomr where people can share problems, ideas, solutions. Does this yet exist?

  3. Hi Jeremy & Emily. We are done with the Zooomr API but need to finish up the documentation. Hopefully at that point we can develop an importer tool to import both your photos and your metadata. It is high on our priority of things to do and we are working on it as quickly as we can.

    We also plan to offer groups and forums shortly where we will offer forums specifically for news, help, and suggestions for the site.


    Pro 4 Life accounts are accounts that include the premium Pro features for the life of that account as long as Zooomr is alive (which we hope is many, many, many years). They cannot be purchased but are accounts that we have given to some of our early members who have grown with us and suffered through some of our early growing pains. These people will never have to pay for their Zooomr account. It’s our way of saying thank you to them for their loyalty and for helping us build Zooomr from the start.

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