Slide Gets More Money

VentureBeat ? Slide gets big VC round for its slideshow product: Congratulations to Slide, who picked up more than $8 million more of VC money per Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat. According to Matt the company probably has taken in over $20 million now.

I’ve played around with Slide in the past but couldn’t really make it work for me at the time. I’ll check it out aagain and try to report back more on their technology in the near future.

From VentureBeat: “The amount remains undisclosed, but we’ve heard it is more than the company got for its second round, which was $8 million. That gives the company near or north of $20 million in total funding, putting it comfortably on the list of best-funded Web 2.0 companies in Silicon Valley — and apparently making it the biggest of any of the latest generations of photo-related sites.”