Microsoft Media Center Team Releases SDK 5.0 for Vista Media Center

Media Center SDK Sample ApplicationMedia Center SDK Sample Application Hosted on Zooomr

Media Center Sandbox – The Windows Media Center Software Development Kit 5.0 Is Now Available Charlie Owen posts today over at the Media Center Sandbox that Windows Media Center SDK 5.0 is now available for download.

One of the things that Media Center is doing right is encouraging outside developers to write applications for Media Center with an open SDK. Obviously the more interesting content, applications, and fun things you can do with Media Center, the more attractive it becomes as the application of choice to drive your home media consumption.

Included with the new SDK is a sample application that the Media Center team created that shows some of the basic types of things that developers might want to do with Media Center in Vista including log ons, keyboard functionality, library functions, etc. Microsoft used a bunch of my photos for the sample app which was fun.

In October Microsoft announced that 20 million Media Center PCs have now been sold. This only begins to scratch the surface as many people are waiting for Vista to arrive at the consumer level at the end of January.

Media Center is increasingly becoming a mainstream application and particularly in conjunction with XBox 360 extender technology stands to take a huge chunk of the home entertainment market. Smart companies will use Media Center’s SDK to develop versions of their applications and web sites that can be accessed via the MCE platform.

I’ve been a Media Center enthusiast for quite some time and am looking forward to Vista and Media Center. We hope to at some point in the future also develop a version of Zooomr that would be accessible through the MCE platform.

Congrats to the Media Center team and thanks for inlcuding my photos in your sample application guys!

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