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Marshall Kirkpatrick: Marshall Kirkpatrick writes over at that he is leaving TechCrunch, the popular and influential Web 2.0 blog. Marshall says that he and TechCrunch Founder Mike Arrington parted ways on very good terms.

In his first post since leaving TechCrunch Marshall writes about the tools that he used while at TechCrunch and gives tips about smart ways to use RSS, alerts, and filtering for monitoring news.

I met Marshall last month up at Getty Images in Seattle where we both were invited for an update on what Getty was up to. It was great hanging out with him and getting to know him better.

I’ve always been impressed how, like a lot of great bloggers, Marshall was able to stay on top of the news that he covered. He was extremely prolific, writing daily and breaking many stories on the high profile companies in the so called Web 2.0 space. What made Marshall’s writing even more impressive was the fact that he was covering the Valley from outside the Valley. Portland Oregon to be precise.

Marshall mentions that two of his most important tools were his RSS reader (Newsgator) as well as an RSS to IM/SMS notification tool called Zaptxt. I’ve never tried Zaptxt but will have to give it a spin.

As for my own RSS reader, I was using Bloglines, then Newsgator, then I went back to Bloglines and then to Google’s News Reader. I think I’m going to go back to Newsgator today in fact. Among the three I think I like it the most. One thing I do like about RSS readers is that for the most part they mostly seem willing to support user portability allowing me to easily export my OPML file from reader to reader.

Anyways, Marshall I just subscribed and I’m looking forward to your continued coverage over at

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    Thanks for wanting to give ZapTXT a try. BTW, you can also use all of our monitoring and alerting features against your opml file if you like.

    We also have a publisher button so your readers can get elect to receive alerts when you add a new post. More here:
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