Go Bears! Go Cardinals!

Go Bears, 3Go Tree 3Go Tree 4Go Bears

Stanford vs. Cal’s “Big Game” is this weekend at UC Berkeley. The Bears are the favorite to win.

The winning play in 1982.

I heard a funny joke yesterday by comedian Bob Sarlatte. He said that you can tell the difference in college degree’s between Cal and Stanford by just looking down the road from each school. At last count there were over 60 VC firms just down the road from Stanford on Sand Hill Road. You can compare that with the 60 tattoo parlors just down the road on Telegraph Ave. at Cal.

Wikipedia on the Big Game rivalry.

Go Bears! Go Cardinal!

5 Replies to “Go Bears! Go Cardinals!”

  1. Since we’re making Cal-Stanford jokes…

    After one of Cal’s many Big Game victories over Stanford, a Cal student and a Stanford student are standing next to each other at the urinals in the Mens’ Room.

    The Stanford student finishes peeing, then goes to the sink to wash his hands. The Cal student finishes peeing, then walks directly outside.

    The Stanford student walks outside to reprimand the Cal student. “At Stanford-Leland Junior University,” he says proudly, “we always wash our hands after using the restroom.”

    The Cal student replies, “At Cal, we don’t pee on our hands.”

    Go Bears.

  2. Owen, you’re absolutely right! And I even knew that, grrrr… Now if only blogger would let you change your headline without altering the url!

    That’s good joke Andy!

  3. Great joke, Andy! 🙂 Any school with Stanford’s money could be great – it takes true excellence to do it on Cal’s shoestring budget…

    And who would want to go to university where the only fun to be had was a string of VC firms, anyway? 😉

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