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Diving for FavoritesDiving for Favorites Hosted on Zooomr

[I am Evangelist and CEO of Zooomr]

One of my favorite things to do on Zooomr is to go diving for favorites. I love favoriting a photo. There’s something I just love about clicking on that little empty heart above a photo and turning it full. And there is so much great photography on Zooomr to fave.

So the way that I go diving for favorites is by looking through other Zooomr member’s favorites collections to see if they have any shots that I would also like to fave. So far I’ve collected over 31 pages of favorites on Zooomr. If you’d like to see my faves feel free to click through here.

Also, if you are a reader of my blog and are on Zooomr and I haven’t added you to my social circle yet please send me a Zmail or leave a comment on this blog post with your Zooomr url. I’d love to add you and check out your photos. Likewise if I’ve taken a photo of you and haven’t peopletagged it yet.

Peopletagging at Zooomr is pretty cool. It allows you to tag photos that your friends are in and these photos are then tied to their profile. Here’s a link to all of the photos that I am inside of. To see how this works with other people, also check out photos that Robert Scoble and Tantek Celik are also inside of.

Oh and if you check out the thumbnail collections of shots that Robert, or Tantk or I are in, notice the little polaroid in the lower lefthand corner when you hover over a thumbnail. Click on it. We think that this is a pretty slick way to enjoy photos.

If I’ve got a shot of you that needs to be peopletagged in my library of shots, let me know. I’d love to add my photos of you to your profile.

Demo of Faves and Recent Activity

jUploader 1.1 is here!. You can get the latest version of jUploader to bulk upload to Zooomr here.

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