Vinny Ferrari Interviews Me for the Side Salad Podcast

Side Salad: Episode #2 – Thomas Hawk | ISPN Media Vinny Ferrari (yes *that* Vinny Ferrari — the AOL guy) has a great podcast set up called Information Salad. As part of his Information Salad podcast he’s doing seperate podcast interviews with bloggers and technologists called “Side Salad.”

Vinny’s first “Side Salad” interview was with Ben Popken who publishes The Consumerist, a great consumer advocacy site that puts power back into the hands of the consumer by reporting consumer relevant news.

Vinny did his second podcast with me which can be found here. We talk about blogging, photography, photo sharing, social networks, YouTube, Flickr, Zooomr and lots of other things.

Thanks for the interview Vinny and keep up the good work!