Should CNET be Sold and to Whom?

Alan Meckler: More on CNET Alan Meckler, Jupitemedia CEO, suggests that it would make sense for one of the larger media companies to buy CNET. Meckler mentioned Viacom as a possible buyer.

Personally I think a CNET acquisition could be an interesting way for someone like Yahoo to continue the “flickrization” of the web. CNET has several interesting properties which could potentially be improved through more integration with social networking.

Traffic is down on some of their marque properties, their CEO just resigned amid an options pricing investigation and some of the other top managers also have recently left.

CNET also could represent an interesting play if Google wanted to get more serious about it’s future as a media company, and certainly with their high flying stock price, capital is cheap for Google these days.

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  1. True but doesn;t google hate CNET citing their one year ban on talking with CNET a few years back? Would be a great idea for Google to start owning some of their content as they are only buying time by being a data redistributor.

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