Interview With Kristopher Tate from Zooomr on the Web 2.0 Show

The Web 2.0 Show's Josh OwensThe Web 2.0 Show’s Josh Owens Hosted on Zooomr

Web 2.0 Show – Episode 29 – Zooomr Josh Owens Owns and Chris Saylor are the two guys behind the Web 2.0 Show. The Web 2.0 Show is perhaps the best podcast out documenting the various companies and news going on in the big Web20land.

Kristopher and I were fortunate enough to meet up with Josh and Chris at the Future of Web Apps conference earlier last month at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco where Kristopher did an interview with them about Zooomr.

Check it out here.

Thanks a lot Chris and Josh and keep up the good work!