I Think I’m Switching From Delicious to Blue Dot

thomashawk on Blue Dot Robert Scoble told me this weekend about a new company called Blue Dot that is supposed to be better than delicious for saving bookmarks. He did an interview with them for an upcoming Scoble Show episode. I think I’m going to try it out and start using it instead of delicious.

Since I’ve begun using Flock as my primary browser I haven’t been happy with delicious. I used to have two buttons on my Firefox browser with delicious where I could both add things to delicious and quickly pull up my delicious bookmarks. All I had to do to get some links to add things to blue dot and visit blue dot was drag their two tools to my browser launch screen.

And I don’t really like how with flock all these things seem to end up in my delicious account, etc.

Rather than figure it out I think I’m going to just start fresh with Blue Dot. Apparently it allows you to have both public and private bookmarks like delicious does, but it also has a third type of bookmark where you can share with groups or limited people. This seems interesting to me.

Mike Arrington said from the stage at the Future of Web Apps conference that he liked another bookmarking site personally better than delicious but declined to name the site from the stage. I think this might be the site he was talking about. For more on the company you can check out Arrington’s post here.

If you are on Blue Dot, add me as a contact. I’d love to see what links you are saving.

A question. Is there any way to get my delcious bookmarks imported into Blue Dot? Or is this yet another example of Yahoo hanging on to my data. I’m still bummed that I can’t export my calendar history out of Yahoo! Calendar and into 30 Boxes.

Update: I probably was too harsh with the comment about Yahoo! hanging on to my data. I should have spent more time researching the portability of the bookmarks as there is a way to do this as Derek points out in the comments below and Jeremy comments.

I’m probably just still bitter that there isn’t an easy way to get my Yahoo! Calendar data over to 30 Boxes.