Hot Donkey! Faves and Recent Activity Are Live on Zooomr!

Hot DonkeyHot Donkey Hosted on Zooomr

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Let me tell you, there are very few things in life that I love doing more than Faving great photographs and I’m pleased to say that Faves and Recent Activity have arrived at Zooomr. Check out this link to see my favorited photos so far — some really kick ass photography.

A demo of how faves work on Zooomr can be seen here.

2 Replies to “Hot Donkey! Faves and Recent Activity Are Live on Zooomr!”

  1. Sorry if I’ve missed this information elsewhere, but are there plans for Windows MCE app for Zooomr? Preferably one written in MCML that will work on my Xbox360 extender when Vista comes out. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah. the 10 foot interface is definitely something we want to do, but first we need to get the 2 foot interface down.

    I’m a huge MCE fan of course.

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