1-800-Free-411, Liberate Yourself From Crappy Cingular’s Excessive 411 Fees

VentureBeat ? Jingle gets $30M to grow its free directory assistance service Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat has an article on Jingle Networks getting another $30 million in VC money to continue operations. Jingle is the company behind 1-800-Free-411 which I use all the time and which is awesome.

Way pay crappy Cingular for your 800 service when you can get it for free?

I totally hate Cingular. They definitely don’t get the blogosphere. I currently have an article called “Why Cingular Wireless Sucks” that appears on a first page Google search for the phrase “Cingular Sucks.”

That post gets comments and traffic all the time because of this placement and Cingular could care less. It’s already had over 100 comments and they are primarily coming just from Google driving traffic. Cingular are out of touch with their customers and out of touch with the blogosphere.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a post about how cool 1-800-FREE-411 is as they liberate you from the gouging that you get for 411 calls on Cingular but sometimes when Cingular comes up I can’t help myself.

Congrats to Jingle Networks and keep up the good work guys!

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  1. Actually, your post didn’t appear until the fifth page of the linked Google search when I ran it. And I’m a bit unsure about why the largest cell provider in the country with more than 50 million customers should care about what a few bloggers say. I don’t think they really need to be worried about losing their lead in the market because a handful of people with web sites are unhappy.

  2. u shuold all be excited cingular its now the NEW AT&T…..; HAHAHAHAHAHA suckers wihch they only change the name bcs everything will be the same if u have and old at&t; phone u are screw and have to get a new one and change u’re acc to the NEW AT&T; (CINGULAR) good look suckers and by the way to the bitch with her friend that it got fired ahahaha

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