Well I’ve Finally Gotten Around to Joining Facebook

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Facebook | Thomas Hawk Well I tried to get on Facebook once before but since I didn’t have a college or high school email address I could never get it to work. So now I’m officially on. My profile is here.

The process was relatively painless although it did involve giving them my cell phone number and being text messaged for confirmation. The same thing I went through the other day when I joined GoogleTalk.

Not sure how much I’ll use Facebook. We will see.

Update: Ok, so I’m starting to see the power of Facebook. I think the biggest power is that it lets you see friends of friends easily. This is something that we are actually trying to do on Zooomr with our recent “friends of friends” feature where one degree of seperation people are shown on your profile page. Very interesting. I’ll have to dig more into Facebook.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just so you know, the link for your facebook profile won’t work. You probably have your profile set on private.