VentureBeat Covers Zooomr

Beauty of the Golden GateBeauty of the Golden Gate Hosted on Zooomr

Kristopher Tate and I had a nice afternoon yesterday chatting with Matt Marshall over at VentureBeat. Thanks for the write up on Zooomr Matt. Matt also wrote a little bit about our new Zmail which should be out on Zooomr later on tonight. Watch the Zooomr Blog for an announcement when it’s ready.

Matt recently decided to take the plunge and pursue his own news site after a successful career as a journalist for the San Jose Mercury News. SF Chronicle’s Jessica Guynn did a nice write up on Matt’s recent jump over at the SF Chronicle’s blog late last month.

I think independent journalists like Matt at VentureBeat or Om Malik over at GigaOm or Mike Arrington, who fanatically covers the Web 2.0 space at TechCrunch, represent the brightest future of internet journalism. They significantly improve the caliber of tech bloggers out there blogging and have high credibility sites that offer fresh and independent voices covering tech daily.

It was nice meeting you yesterday Matt, thanks for the nice write up on Zooomr and good luck in your venture!