TiVo in the New York Times

In a TiVo World, Television Turns Marketing Efforts to New Media – New York Times Interesting. TiVo made the New York Times with an article talking about how they are continuing to become Madison Avenue’s best new friend.

Reusing the word “pariah” that he used before, Tom Rogers seems to be pushing the message of Tivo as a transformation from an ad zapper to a targeted ad deliver.

““A year or more ago, TiVo was a real pariah in advertising circles,” Mr. Rogers said, because of fears it would enable viewers to more efficiently avoid commercials by zipping through or zapping them as they watched shows on their DVR’s.

Now, advertisers and agencies understand that spot-dodging “is a fact of modern television viewing behavior,” he added, “and how TiVo can be a force to make advertising more effective.” For example, a service called TiVo Product Watch gives viewers the option to download on demand commercials that are meant to be more creative and informative than conventional spots.”

The article talks about a new deal TiVo has with CBS to begin bundeling recording of their upcoming new shows this fall.